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I am a makeup artist living in gorgeous Southern California.  I am known as the Mother of the Monochrome face; I create a flawless nude face - making a statement on its own or acting as a foundation for a more glam look.

Here are some factS about me:

  • Yes, my mother named me Sparkle. It’s usually the first question everyone has for me and I always wanted to be a makeup artist. True story. 
  • My mother was a hippie with an epic afro who was a diva, but my grandmother was the bigger diva. The two of them fueled my love for vintage and life’s little luxuries - but always at the best price. 
  • 18.K followers on Instagram don’t lie. They follow me for a reason and my insta stories are glittered with insider tips and tricks. 
  • Monochrome is the new No Makeup, Makeup and that’s why they call me the Mother of Monochrome.
  • Celebrity work is not my thing. I am more suited to fashion where dress up and play are encouraged. 
  • Monotony scares me. I live for a fast paced environment.
  • The amount of vintage sunglasses I own would scare you. 
  • I am a busy bee and love to create. In fact, most weekends you will find me on a shoot that I have dreamed up from concept to production. 

Maybe you are here because you are a makeup artist looking for fresh inspiration from another professional.

Maybe you are here because you are an aspiring makeup artist. 

Maybe you are here as an art director, photographer, or brand looking to see if we would be a good fit. 

What I can promise you is:

I will always share my 20+ years in the beauty and fashion industry, including my training as an esthetician where I learned about bone structure, skin, and how to make the most out of every face. My fashion and makeup journey is still on an upward trajectory, and I believe sharing my knowledge and inspiration is the key to success for you and me. 

If this speaks to you come join my #sparkleonglam squad for a regular dose of makeup techniques, my latest inspiration, insider tips from someone who is on the set regularly (not just Ms. Lulu Lashes typing away at a computer) - or better yet, let’s connect on Instagram @sparkletafao. Make sure to tag your photos #sparkleon and let me know what inspired you! 

For bookings, contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Until then #SparkleOn with your bad self!